How to apply for a part-time course

Enrolment Form
Many courses are available for you to book and pay online. If you wish to use a hard copy form, you can download one.

Courses not requiring an interview:
For courses not requiring an interview, complete the form either online or by downloading it and return with the correct fee to the appropriate College campus.

Courses requiring an interview:
If the course you are interested in requires an interview, don't worry! For many courses, the interview will be very informal, often requiring no more than a brief telephone call. The purpose of the interview is to discuss any pre-Entry Guidelines for courses and to provide you with additional details.

To arrange an interview, please contact the appropriate College. You can phone, email or use the LiveChat facility.

Once you've had your interview, you'll need to fill in and return the enrolment form with the correct fee to the appropriate College campus.

Courses with a concession, or if you are paying in instalments, or if are under the age of 19 on 1st September:
Please email our Finance Department on for details about how to apply.

Click here for further information on concessions.

Learners aged 16-18
Learners between the ages of 16 and 18 do not need to pay the tuition fee part of the course fee. They will only have to pay the exam fee.

Learners who are under 16
Learners between the ages of 14 and 16 will only be admitted to evening classes, starting after 18.00hrs, if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian or responsible adult (over 18) who will take responsibility for their supervision and safety whilst they are on College premises. In addition, the pupil’s attendance needs to be discussed with their school who should confirm that this will not jeopardise their progress. Learners who are under 16 are not accepted onto daytime courses. Learners under 16 cannot access online classes.

Please note:

For part-time degree/higher education courses, visit our degree ‘how to apply’ page. The Grŵp accepts applications throughout the year.