Part-time Prospectus

Courses not requiring an interview:

For courses not requiring an interview, please download an enrolment form, complete and return with the correct fee to the appropriate College campus.

Courses requiring an interview:

If the course you are interested in requires an interview, don't worry! For many courses, the interview will be very informal, often requiring no more than a brief telephone call. The purpose of the interview is to discuss any pre-Entry Guidelines for courses and to provide you with additional details.

To arrange an interview, please contact the appropriate College by phone, or in person between 9am and 4:30pm. Please inform the reception staff that you wish to arrange a part-time course interview so they can ensure you're transferred to the relevant department.

Once you've had your interview, you'll need to fill in and return the enrolment form with the correct fee to the appropriate College campus. You can download a form below.

Please note:

For part-time degree/higher education courses, visit our degree ‘how to apply’ page
The Grŵp accepts applications throughout the year.

Part-Time Enrolment Form (PDF)

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