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Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Gwella dyfodol pobl

Improving people's futures


We are pleased to introduce to you Grŵp Llandrillo Menai's five-year plan, to 2027, which consists of five key themes. Our new plan builds on the Grŵp’s success to date by incorporating the learning from the challenges of the pandemic, providing a strong focus on environmental issues and truly promoting innovation. We are committed to being the leading Further Education provider in Wales and beyond.

Our mission of 'Improving People's Futures' captures what we are about as a further education organisation. Although delivering successful qualifications is essential to us, we also make a significant impact on social cohesion and economic development. We aim to be at the heart of our communities and to be the skills engine that drives the success of North Wales.

Key to meeting our objectives is partnership working with both the private and public sector. Our ambitious capital investment plan will aim to provide state of the art resources, however our priority will be investing in our staff to be sector leading as they are the linchpin to the success of each priority theme.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new “mini-website” which outlines our priorities under each key theme, some key performance indicators and evidence of how we are delivering on our plan.

Dafydd Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Griff Jones

Our 5 Key Strategic Themes

Our Values





Our aim is to ensure that all our learners are treated with respect and that we equip them with the skills and qualities to succeed in life.

What this means to learners

Our learners will:

  • Treat each other, staff and visitors with respect and courtesy
  • Respect and celebrate diversity
  • Take pride in the culture and language of Wales
  • Make their views heard and participate in their communities
  • Take full advantage of the education and training opportunities provided to them
  • Aspire to the highest standards of achievement
  • Conduct themselves responsibly, respecting their own wellbeing and safety and those of others
  • Respect the environment and the resources provided for them
  • Collaborate effectively and professionally with their peers
  • Strive to develop their confidence and employability skills

What this means to staff

Our staff will:

  • Treat all learners, other staff, visitors and clients with respect and courtesy
  • Respect and celebrate diversity
  • Promote a Welsh ethos and respect the linguistic rights of learners and staff
  • Listen to and respond to the views of learners
  • Ensure that learners are central to all their activities
  • Be committed to excellence, whatever their role
  • Be committed to continuous professional development and open to new ideas
  • Promote the highest standards of safety and wellbeing
  • Respect the environment and use resources and facilities in a sustainable manner
  • Aim to be innovative in the ways in which they provide services to learners, employers and clients
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues and partners
  • Work in ways which aim to provide value for money

Leading the way in a modern world

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Key Performance Indicators

KPI 1 - Proportion of staff undertaking a minimum of 30 hours of CPD
A new system is being developed to monitor
KPI 2 - Capital Investment per annum
£26m - of which £12m was funded by GLLM (2023/24)
KPI 3 - Number of learners supported to be digitally enabled
1369 laptops were loaned to learners and 3486 learners were provided with digital skills sessions
Leading the way in the modern world

Our place in the community

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Key Performance Indicators

KPI 1 - Success rates for minority groups
82% in 2022/23 which is 1% above non-BAME groups
KPI 2 - Success rates within deprived areas
79.5% in 2022/23 which is 1.5% above national benchmark
KPI 3 - Number of adults taught in the community
2050 learners planned for 2023/24

Learner opportunity and success

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Have an exciting marketing strategy to promote our provision

Key Performance Indicators

KPI 1 - Learner Success Rates
81% of learners succeeded in 2022/23 - 3% above National Benchmark
KPI 2 - Learner Numbers recruited
4663 FT learners recruited in 2023/24 - 7% increase on previous year
KPI 3 - Number of learners provided with support
In 2022/23, 2121 learners were provided with mentoring and welfare support

Driving the economy through skills and knowledge

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Key Performance Indicators

KPI 1 - Number of successful apprenticeships
1384 Apprenticies completed in 2022/23
KPI 2 - Number of successful HE learners
480 learners successful in 2022/23
KPI 3 - Number of learners trained who are in employment
3540 learners were in employment in 2022/23

Our role in a sustainable Wales

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Key Performance Indicators

KPI 1 - Financial health categorisation
Outstanding based on 2022/23 outturn and 2024/25 budget
KPI 2 - Staff Sickness rates
4.9% working days lost 2022-23
KPI 3 - Learners engaging in bilingual delivery
1049 Full Time learners learn primarily through the medium of Welsh
2810 learners learn partly through the medium of Welsh
KPI 4 - Environmental Target / Progress towards Net Zero
GLLM Sustainability dashboard