Introduction to Bilingual Teaching Course

Key Details

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    Community Location
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    Specialist / Other
  • Course Length

    Online in four half day sessions (attendance is required at all sessions). This course can also be held face to face in a convenient location over two days, subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Course Type
  • Bilingual

Course Description

The training aims to increase the number of lecturers and assessors who teaches and assesses bilingual students. They will be equipped to work confidently and effectively in Welsh and English, balancing the use of both languages in a manner appropriate to the linguistic needs of the learning group.

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Entry Criteria

The training is intended for lecturers and assessors who are able to communicate fully in Welsh and English, but who are not experienced or confident to teach mixed language groups.


Learners who undertake this course will:

  • Be provided with definitions and practical examples of good practice in bilingual teaching in a range of linguistic situations
  • Develop an understanding of language patterns and lack of confidence in learners, and how to apply this information to plan a bilingual course
  • Use language profiles to inform their teaching
  • Learn how to use differential teaching strategies to meet the requirement of all learners within a group
  • Be given advice on finding bilingual and Welsh-medium learning resources, and creating their own materials
  • Receive guidance on how to use schemes of work, assessment plans and lesson plans to effectively plan their bilingual provision
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of identifying the linguistic background or profile of individuals within a group, and how to use this information in order to plan provision and experiences
  • Learn how to promote bilingualism to all group members and to normalise the use of Welsh in mixed language groups
  • Have the opportunity to utilise their new bilingual teaching skills in a micro teaching session. Oral feedback will be given on the day and an individual written feedback will follow via e-mail.
  • Have the opportunity to be filmed for self-evaluation and reflection.


Not applicable.


Sgiliaith offers a number of courses to support colleges and other providers across Wales as they respond to the increasing demand for Welsh language skills in the post-14 education sector. Browse our courses in the ‘National Staff Development Scheme' section, or contact Sgiliaith to arrange tailored training.

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