Your Skills Pathway

Support to further develop your skills

Your Skills Pathway Explained

All full time learners’ benefit from support to further develop their skills as part of their programme of study. Employers and Universities tell us that literacy and numeracy skills are really important. At College, your skills pathway is unique to you and provides an opportunity to achieve a qualification or improve your current grade.

Rhoson Sea 320

Skills for learning guide - 1 year programme

Skills for Learning Guide for Learners on a 1 year, Level 1, 2 or 3 programme

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Skills for learning guide - 2 year programme

Skills for Learning Guide for Learners on a 2 year, Level 3 programme

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GCSE Flyer Induction

Improve your GCSE grades

Improve your GCSE grades in Numeracy / Maths, Welsh and/or English at College

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Essential Skills Qualifications

Improving your Maths, English and/or Welsh skills at College through Essential Skills Qualifications

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WEST induction

WEST - Wales Essential Skills Toolkit

An online package that assesses your literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills and provides resources and support to improve any gaps in your knowledge

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