Key Details

  • Available at
    Community Location
  • Level
  • Study Mode
  • Programme Area
    Specialist / Other
  • Course Length

    Up to 14 hours of contact with a Sgiliaith tutor, including one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, webinars and peer support.

  • Course Type
  • Bilingual

    This programme is available in Welsh or English

Course Description

This programme is designed to support practitioners in real life learning situations by offering them guidance and support to embed Welsh/bilingualism with learners in the classroom and/or workplace.

Entry Criteria

This programme is aimed at tutors and assessors. It’s suitable for Welsh and non-Welsh speakers.


The programme is designed to support practitioners in real life learning and assessment situations by:

  • Offering guidance to support practitioners in embedding Welsh /bilingualism with learners in the classroom and/or in the workplace;
  • Outlining the need to develop the practice of embedding Welsh/ bilingualism which is natural and balanced;
  • Discussing methodology to develop different techniques for embedding Welsh/bilingualism;
  • Supporting practitioners to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to embedding Welsh/bilingualism;
  • Offering an opportunity to network with other practitioners in Wales and be part of a professional learning community;
  • Planning for further development.


Not applicable.


Sgiliaith’s National Staff Development Programme provides innovative training and mentoring programme to staff in the further education and apprenticeships sectors. The purpose of this programme is to support practitioners to offer Welsh medium and bilingual provision to both learners and apprentices.

Sgiliaith’s Staff Development Training Programme offers a range of development opportunities to support the progression of practitioners’ bilingual skills, whilst Sgiliaith’s Staff Mentoring Programme offers support to practitioners in real learning situations to embed Welsh/bilingualism in the classroom or workplace.

Sgiliaith’s development opportunities are suitable for everyone working in the sector, regardless of Welsh language skills or previous experience.

Sgiliaith's provision is funded for further education and apprenticeship staff by Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. Browse all of our courses here.

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