Communication Skills in a Medical Environment Level 2

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    Business and Management
    Business and Administration
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    3 hours per week for 15 weeks - £159

Course Description

The aim of this course is to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to communicate appropriately with a range of people within a medical environment. To equip the learner with skills and confidence in face-to-face, written and non-verbal communication and to increase the learner's understanding of the importance of communication, and factors which can make communication difficult. Learner will develop skills for composing appropriate written documents within a medical environment.

Completion of this course will give you important skills for a career in medical administration work. It can help you succeed in an administrative role in any size or type of NHS organisation, including: Secretary, Receptionist, Administrator, Medical Records Clerk and Ward Clerk.

Course Dates


01/03/202313:00 Wednesday3.0015 £1590 / 12EXG142697E

Entry Criteria

Good use of the English language is considered beneficial with particular focus on accuracy in spelling.


Taught sessions using discussion, practical exercises/activities, worksheets, assessments, direct instructions, lecture sessions, videos and other learning methods.

Homework and independent learning will form an integral part of the course.


All work will be assessed through a mixed approach including the following: portfolio of evidence; Assessments; Short answer questions.


Progression onto:

  • L2 Administration Skills in a Medical Environment
  • L2 Medical Audio Transcription
  • L2 Working in the NHS as a Medical Administrator
  • L2 Medical Terminology for Administrators

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