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AS/A Level Biology (Part-time)

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    1-2 years

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AS/A Level Biology (Part-time)

Part-time Courses

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Course Description

Would you like to develop your scientific skills at an advanced level? This course develops your understanding of biology, through both theoretical and practical learning. It provides a valuable preparation for Higher Education, and for careers in science or health related areas.

The course is suitable if you are a committed student and have achieved good Biology/Science grades at GCSE level. The course will enhance your interest in the subject and its wider applications, allowing you to excel.

Entry Criteria

In order to qualify for this course, you will need the following:

  • 6 GCSEs at grade C or above, including English or Welsh 1st Language
  • GCSE Double Award Science grade BB or GCSE Biology grade B. GCSE Mathematics (Higher Tier) grade C or GCSE Numeracy grade B (Higher/Intermediate)

As part of the application process, you will asked to attend an interview to give you the opportunity to discuss the course.

Progression to A Level is based on your performance at AS Level.


This course is delivered as follows:

  • Group work
  • Classroom-based learning
  • Tutorial support
  • Educational visits
  • MOODLE (virtual learning environment)


This course is assessed through examinations and a Practical Lab book which is completed during the two years of study.

For full details, please see the Additional Campus/Course information.


Whether you study the full A Level or just the AS Level, the course adds to your qualifications and helps you to progress. You will gain UCAS points and be able to apply for a range of Higher Education courses at many institutions, including Grŵp Llandrillo Menai.

If you choose to continue your studies in a related subject, you could apply for university courses in biological science, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, ecology, medicine, dentistry, nursing or physiotherapy. You could then progress into a career in the appropriate industry. Your studies on the A Level course will help you to make an informed choice from the options available.

Campus Information Bangor

UNIT 1 (AS) BASIC BIOCHEMISTRY AND CELL ORGANISATION (Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes - 20% of qualification)

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Chemical elements are joined together to form biological compounds
  • Cell structure and organisation
  • Cell membranes and transport
  • Biological reactions are regulated by enzymes
  • Nucleic acids and their function
  • Genetic information is passed on to daughter cells

UNIT 2 (AS) BIODIVERSITY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF BODY SYSTEMS (Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes - 20 % of qualification)

This unit includes the following topics:

  • All organisms are linked through their evolutionary history
  • Adaptations for gas exchange
  • Adaptations for transport
  • Adaptations for nutrition

UNIT 3 (A2) ENERGY, HOMEOSTASIS AND THE ENVIRONMENT (Written examination: 2 hours - 25 % of qualification)

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Importance of ATP
  • Photosynthesis uses light energy to synthesise organic molecules
  • Respiration releases chemical energy in biological processes
  • Microbiology
  • Population size and ecosystems
  • Human impact on the environment
  • Homeostasis and the kidney
  • The nervous system

UNIT 4/5 (A2) VARIATION, INHERITANCE AND OPTIONS (Written examination: 2 hours - 25 % of qualification)

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Sexual reproduction in humans
  • Sexual reproduction in plants
  • Inheritance
  • Variation and evolution
  • Application of reproduction and genetics

Choice of one option from four:

A. Immunology and Disease

B. Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy

C. Neurobiology and Behaviour

D. Food Science

OPTIONAL UNITS examined with unit 4 work. PRACTICAL EXAM at A2 only. 10% of qualification. PRACTICAL LAB-BOOK completed throughout the AS and A2 years.

Other details

Course type: Part-time Courses

Level: 3

Programme Area:

  • AS/A-Level