College travel code of conduct when using the college transport services.

Travel Code of Conduct for College Transport Services

Click here to download the Travel Code of Conduct poster in PDF format.

Antisocial and bad behaviour on college transport will not be tolerated. Persistent and/or serious offenders will lose their right to travel on all college transport.

The college will monitor behaviour on buses and will exercise the college disciplinary procedures where necessary.

The Travel Code of Conduct reflects Welsh Government guidance and could be affected by changes to national guidance.

It is your responsibility to work out which services connect

You can only use your Travel Ticket on the routes which are part of the Network. All journeys are not available to you. It is important that you look carefully at the timetables which show which routes you can use before applying for a ticket.

Where the service is under contract to the Authority, the following rules apply:

  • All journeys to an establishment must end before 12:00, and,
  • the journey home can't begin before 13:00 or after 18:00.

Further restrictions apply to service 12. If your are unsure which services are available to you or for help with the timetables, ask at your school / college or call Galw Gwynedd on 01766 771000.