Employment and Enterprise Agency - CAMVA

CAMVA is for learners on their pathway to employment, apprenticeship, work experience or to start their own business.

CAMVA bridges the gap between learner and employers and we offer local employers the opportunity to engage with learners by offering the range of services below.

For more information about CAMVA email - camva@gllm.ac.uk

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Jobs Noticeboard

Jobs Noticeboard - to advertise your current full-time, part-time, seasonal or as an apprenticeship vacancies

For more information visit our jobs noticeboard page.

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Jobs Fair - Meet the Employer events

Participating in the Jobs Fair - Meet the Employer event offers employers an excellent platform to connect with potential candidates, expand their talent pool, and strengthen their brand presence. It's an opportunity to actively engage with the talent of tomorrow and make a lasting impression on prospective employees.

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Work Experience

Register with us today to provide work experience to our learners and to attend events we organise for our learners. We are always looking for employers to engage with our learners.

Email camva@gllm.ac.uk with your company name, address, contact details and industry sector.

CAMVA is supported by Welsh Government as part of the Young Persons Guarantee to encourage and support young people to be more entrepreneurial and help those interested in starting a business take their ideas forward.

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