Come and learn Welsh!

Learning Welsh can open the door to new opportunities and experiences: it can help your career, as many jobs require a knowledge of Welsh, help you get to know people in your community, and take part in a range of activities.

You can join a Welsh for Adults programme in locations all over the region – from Dolgellau to Denbigh. You may be an absolute beginner or be an advanced learner - whatever stage you are at, there is a course for you!

Courses vary in terms of time, duration and level of formality. There are opportunities for you to practise speaking Welsh in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with other learners and fluent Welsh speakers.

Why learn Welsh?

If you employ people...

...take advantage of opportunities for developing bilingual staff and increase your appeal to customers.

If you like a challenge...

...learn a new skill and you will soon discover that the language is alive and kicking in most communities across Wales.

If you want to enjoy Welsh culture...

...maybe you are proud to be Welsh but have never had the opportunity to learn the language

If you want to boost your career prospects...

...Welsh is increasingly used as a business language, so enrol on Welsh courses to improve your career development opportunities.

Clic Clic Cymraeg

The intention of the Clic Clic Cymraeg course is to assist you with learning Welsh and is in addition to the work that you'll be doing in the classroom.

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