Welsh Youth Parliament

Your voice is powerful.

Your voice. Your choice. Your future.

Hi, we’re the Welsh Youth Parliament.

One place, every voice.

We're a completely new way for you to have your say on the things that matter to you in Wales.

It starts with you

Talking about the things you want and need, raising the issues that matter to you.

Using the Welsh Youth Parliament as the platform to amplify your voice. For your future.

Voted for by you

60 young people aged 11 - 18 are your Welsh Youth Parliament Members. You elected 40 of them by voting in our election in November 2018. The remaining 20 were elected by young people from partner organisations.

Run by you

The issues that the Welsh Youth Parliament will raise awareness of will be chosen by you. Backed by the young people you chose to be your Welsh Youth Parliament Members. Your Welsh Youth Parliament Members will highlight and debate your issues at a national level. Gathering views from other young people across the country and working with those with the power to make change.


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