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North Wales Wildlife Trust - Our Official Charity of the Year for 2021/2022

We care for wildlife. We work for nature’s recovery. We bring people closer to nature.

The way we have been living for the past 50 years has caused massive declines in wildlife on land and in the sea. Did you know that 1 in 10 of our wild plants are at risk of extinction; that the UK has lost more than 50% or more of our insects since 1970; and that, these days, you will only see half as many hedgehogs in the countryside than in 2000? Together, our volunteers, members, staff and supporters are making a difference for wildlife in North Wales.

Our 36 carefully managed nature reserves provide some of North Wales’s most important homes for wildlife – and are open to all, for free, at all hours of every day of the year. Why not find your nearest reserve to explore? You can even watch video introductions to four of our favourite sites on our website from the comfort of your armchair – check out Aberduna, Big Pool Wood, Cemlyn and Gwaith Powdwr!

Nature reserves alone are not enough to save our precious wildlife from extinction. To enable wildlife to thrive and spread we need to create more space for wildlife that is better managed and well connected, with opportunities for people to enjoy nature. This approach creates what we call Living Landscapes, which benefit everyone and protect wildlife.

We also fight for Living Seas, where marine wildlife thrives from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows – why not join us for a rockpool ramble, picnic with a porpoise or beach clean?

You can get involved!

You are already supporting our work through nominating us as your Charity of the Year for 2021-22 – thank you! But did you know that there are other things you can do, too?

Whether you like working indoors or out, there are lots of different volunteering opportunities available with North Wales Wildlife Trust. As well as helping local wildlife, you can meet new people; keep fit; learn new skills; share your own experiences; increase your knowledge of wildlife conservation and of course, enjoy yourself! Whether you can spare a whole day or a few hours, the time you give could make a huge difference.

There are also plenty of ways to connect with nature from your own home. If you have a garden, why not make it wildlife-friendly? Together, our gardens could create one big nature reserve – a green corridor bursting with life and colour! We’ve got plenty of wildlife gardening tips online.

Feeling crafty? Or simply in need of some wet-whether stimulation (for yourself or children)? We've got some perfect activities for you to do indoors. Why not make a model butterfly or try some dandelion tea? Our activity sheets can be printed off at home and are guaranteed to keep you and your family busy – with even more available on our Wildlife Watch website!

Finally, we’re currently lucky enough to be running a pan-Wales project – with a big ambition! Stand for Nature Wales is working to empower and inspire young people to take action for nature and wildlife in their local area in a bid to tackle climate change. From urban Cardiff to rural Montgomeryshire; the tip of Anglesey to the Gwent valleys; we’re helping young people take a stand for nature and their futures. Contact Andy: to find out what you can do in our patch.

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