Apprentice learners from Busnes@LlandrilloMenai are amongst the first in Wales to successfully complete the core elements of a new apprenticeship framework called 'Children's Care, Play, Learning and Development'. This new qualification came into effect in September 2019 and replaces the former 'QCF in Children's Care, Learning and Development'

The new qualification is mandatory for all childcare settings, and the new apprenticeship has been broken down into two sections; the core units and the practice - meaning that learners take responsibility for their own learning in the workplace.

This first cohort of 19 learners all work at day nurseries, schools and playgroups. They  attended remote evening and day sessions during the lockdown so that they are supported in the acquisition of knowledge which they will put into practice when carrying out their own research in order to develop underpinning knowledge, which includes case study work and multiple choice questions.

During this most challenging of years especially for the childcare industry, where many sectors have closed their doors or been impacted by a reduction in the number of children attending childcare settings it is heartening to be able to share some good news.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all our apprenticeship learners that achieved this innovative qualification. The assessors and Busnes@LlandrilloMenai are looking forward to taking you forward with the practice qualification.