This year, the Art Foundation course in Bangor is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and some of our alumni have kindly agreed to share with us their memories of their time at Coleg Menai.

Russell Owen, Writer / Director of feature films

Russell owns and runs a digital creative agency in London, Kindred Communications, which makes commercials, music videos, produces photography / advertising campaigns and creates short form films for the BBC, American Express, Armani, Diageo and several more clients.

He is currently working on his fourth film, 'Shepherd,' which is due in cinemas in 2021.

Looking back on all my formative years, the Art Foundation course in Bangor was without doubt the most important. It came at a time in my life when it seemed dreams of making movies were way out of reach of any young folk from North Wales. My school even discouraged pursuing that level of ambition during our careers advice as 'pretty hopeless.'

The Art Foundation course, in less than a year, taught me the complete opposite. It compressed so much possibility, enthusiasm and hope into such a short time span. It gave me that much-needed confidence to push forward and do what I wanted to do in life. It was far more educational and constructive to who I am now than my university years. They understand the vital importance of encouraging, nurturing and guiding talent.

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