This year, the Art Foundation course in Bangor is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and some of our alumni have kindly agreed to share with us their memories of their time at Coleg Menai.

Annie Atkins, Graphic Designer for Filmmaking

Annie Atkins grew up in Dolwyddelan with her mother who was an artist and her father who was a graphic designer. Her work for movie directors such as Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg has demonstrated the rich opportunities available for graphic designers in film.

I design and make graphic props for the film industry. Fake love letters, forged telegrams, prison escape maps... all the graphic props and set pieces that the actors have to work with on a film set. The greatest lesson I took from my foundation year in Bangor was to study and think about the world and the life around me: whether that was in a life drawing class or in my graphic art modules. Whenever I'm stuck on a design today I often hear my tutor Peter Prendergast's voice in my head telling me to think outside of the piece of paper I'm drawing on, to remember to keep looking at the life in front of me, and not just at my hand and pencil.

The foundation course spring-boarded me on to a good degree course at Ravensbourne in London, and I've been employed in graphic design ever since. Very fond memories of my time at Coleg Menai.

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