Welcome to the ninth in a new series of weekly insights, delving into the lives and thoughts of college staff working from home.

This week we hear from Clive Thomas, who is a WBL MIS Development Officer at Busnes@

I've been reading the staff bulletins and pen portraits, thinking to myself "glad I haven't been asked to do this - what would I say". . . .  Ah well, c'est la vie! 

Someone asked me last week, "what does MIS stand for?"  If anyone else is curious, it's Management Information Systems.  The three of us in the WBL MIS team (Klare Jones and Emma Williams are the other ⅔) produce the reports on MIS reporting and Dashboard that many of you involved with WBL use.  As with everything else there's more to it than that, with work on allocating funding, forecasting income and achievement, reporting to sub-contractors, supporting WBL staff on college systems and implementing new systems - a lot of you will have been in touch with Klare and Emma for help with Onefile.  

Things have changed the last few weeks but in many ways not that much.  Initially I thought I wouldn't be able to work from home at all - most of my work involves direct access to college systems.  Luckily ICT came to the rescue and enabled me to carry on as usual.  Things run a little slowly at times but it's almost like sitting at my own desk in Llangefni, except there's no office chatter and it's not so easy to discuss work issues.  I've learnt new skills - until a few weeks ago I had no idea how to enrol students onto courses but thanks to google hangouts and being able to share my screen with Emma, she's been able to patiently talk me through this.  We've all got used to meeting via hangouts and it's interesting to see everyone's living rooms / kitchens / conservatories etc.  I'm a bit of a let-down since I'm working in the sparsely furnished spare room that's due a facelift soon! 

Our dog is now used to having dad around the house every day and is enjoying her walk at four o'clock rather than seven.  Think I may need a phased return so she doesn't get too upset!

Well I guess that wasn't so bad after all.  Stay safe everyone.