Welcome to the fourth in a new series of weekly insights, delving into the lives and thoughts of college staff working from home.

This week, we hear from Lynne Williams, who is a Work Placement Officer within Busnes@.  

At Work Based Learning, we're fortunate that we are able to work remotely.  However, we have been faced with many restrictions and amendments to our way of working and that in itself has been challenging.  For example, our work involves ensuring all documentation used throughout the apprenticeship process is read, confirmed and signed by learners and employers to meet the Welsh Government requirements. With many learners now working from home, visits are no longer possible and we have been working hard to find ways to still meet the requirements. We are now conducting assessments via phone calls, emails and video calls and all paperwork is being emailed over and will be processed once we are back in the office. All feedback has been positive so far and learners are grateful to have the opportunity to still study through this difficult time.

We have been kept up to date with these changes on a regular basis via 1-2-1 weekly meetings, our office has a WhatsApp group and we have a department google chat room also. 

We are still assessing learners through this time and keeping in touch with employers also. The wheels are still turning for WBL and it feels good to be working through this crisis!