Today we begin a new series of weekly insights, delving into the lives and thoughts of college staff working from home. First off is Rhian Hughes, who works in the Learner Services department at the college's Rhos-on-Sea campus.

Hi! I'm Rhian and I work in Learner Services at our Rhos-on-Sea campus as a Bilingual Enquiry Assistant. My daily working life prior to lock down consisted of dealing with public and learner enquiries, supporting the work of the advisers, either face-to-face or by email and telephone. Like many of my colleagues, ordinarily I don't work from home and this has been a very challenging time for me over the past few weeks!

Whilst I am very comfortable using college-based systems in work I am not very confident in using IT in general. With determination, perseverance and support from family, friends and colleagues I have risen to the challenge. Thanks to my colleague Ceri who I had to phone a few times to help me with the first group hangouts and thanks to my husband who memorably put in an appearance during a team meeting! There have been some funny moments!

Incredibly, even with the initial challenges, applicants and learners and members of the public have continued to be advised and supported. There is a team of people across the group monitoring and responding to enquiries of all kinds. I have had many emails, from current and potential learners, members of the public and staff from all areas. We have continued to advise and refer their enquiries appropriately as I do in my role every day. I have a lot of experience responding to enquiries so I also provide support and guidance to members of the team who are new to this.

Staff I work with would describe me as a 'people person'; I enjoy working with people and I really miss the face-to-face contact. Being able to access friends and colleagues on google hangout has been a real help with staying in touch and feeling like you have some face-to-face contact.

The welfare team keep us all going with Friday's 'Welfare Words of Wisdom' and you never know what to expect!!! We are all staying in touch, trying to stay positive and picking each other up when we fall.

Take care and stay safe, Rhian.