The Llandudno mountain goats have moved their sights further east and conquered new ground at Coleg Llandrillo in Rhos-on-Sea! With no students or tutors to get in their way, the horned marauders prepare to get comfortable on campus.

Mountain goats normally live on the rocky Great Orme Country Park land but are occasional visitors to the seaside town of Llandudno. The herd, of around 100 strong, made national news earlier this week as the lack of people and tourists due to the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown measures in place had encouraged them to run amok in the sleepy town. They have their sights set on conquering more territory further along the coast and have taken over the Coleg Llandrillo site, causing destruction and chaos across the campus!

To anyone in the area, please keep away from the site during this perilous time. Stay safe, stay home. It seems like this town too is going to be a 'goats town'!

April fools!