Level 2 Animal Care students were introduced to some extremely impawtant guests this month, thanks to a visit from Amfides K9, dog breeders and trainers.

Amfides K9 have been breeding, nurturing and selecting highly skilled police dogs and family guardians for 20 years, so they had lots of experience to share with Glynllifon's animal lovers.

Mark and Sarah, who run Amfides K9, gave Glynllifon's Level 2 Animal Care students a hands-on session with their furry colleagues, including some adorable puppies who are currently in training at the centre. They discussed what they do day-to-day and how they prepare their puppies for their future roles in the police force. Police dogs have a variety of specialist skills, including detecting the presence of drugs, money, firearms, explosives and more. They assist the Public Order and Firearms units in extremely tricky situations, sometimes saving lives.

Dogs have a sense of smell which is much more sensitive than that of people, so these canine companions are truly man's best friend when it comes to detecting and preventing crime. At Amfides K9, the four-legged recruits are specially trained to be the best officers a Police Force could ask for, with good temperaments and, most importantly, courage!

Kate Jones, a lecturer in land-based industries at Glynllifon, helped organise the event. She said:

It was really informative, and gave the students a glimpse of the job opportunities available to them after leaving college.

Emma Linden, from Conwy, is one of the students who attended the session. Commenting on the experience, Emma said:

The puppies were very playful, but also very well behaved. They knew their boundaries as they weren't jumping up at you and they were very much attached to their handler, they definitely understood who was in charge.

The visit was a welcome break from desk work, and it also provided a memorable experience for the students that would help them decide what their futures could entail.

If you would like the opportunity to work with animals, visit www.gllm.ac.uk now to see the courses on offer. Applications are now open for September starts!