We are pleased to announce, that practitioners form Further Education and Work Based Learning sector in Wales will be starting their studies next week on our Bilingual Teaching Methodology MA Module.

The aim of the MA Module is to develop practitioner’s bilingual teaching skills in the post-14 education sector in order to enhance learners’ bilingual skills and experiences in further education and work based learning sector.

Training sessions will happen across Wales next week on the 7th and 8th of May over video link with a group in Bangor and Glynllifon and another group in Coleg Sir Gâr and ColegauCymru office.

The practitioners will be given sessions by members of staff from Sgiliaith, Bangor University's Education Department, and guest speakers.

During their studies, the practitioners will receive sessions on bilingual teaching, which will include;

  • The Welsh language in the context of post-14 education;
  • Creating a bilingual ethos;
  • Teaching and learning bilingual methodologies;
  • Planning lessons and activities in a bilingual teaching and learning setting;
  • Preparing and utilising resources for teaching and learning in a bilingual setting;
  • Profiling - identifying individuals bilingualism skills and tracking their progress;
  • Assessment and bilingualism.

Over the years our MA Module has assisted practitioners in the post-14 education sector in Wales, and has equipped them with the necessary skills to provide learners with a high standard of bilingual education.

The remaining study days will be held during June 2019 and January 2020.

If you are interested in taking part in our MA Module during the 2020-21 academic year, contact Sgiliaith for more information or an informal chat - sgiliaith@gllm.ac.uk or 01758 704613.

Sgiliaith is funded by the Welsh Government, the MA Module and all of our courses are fully funded to practitioners in the post-14 education sector.

You can find more information about our courses on our website.