Coleg Menai Public Services students were thrilled with the recent donation of a bulletproof vest from SafeGuard Clothing. When used in class demonstrations, the tactical vest facilitates role-play and detailed technical analysis, giving students a deeper understanding of safety levels and threats.

Thomas Bowman, speaking on behalf of SafeGuard Clothing, said:

We believe in making access to body armour available to all students in Public Services courses. Safeguard Clothing's applied industry based model in our manufacturing process is achieved through continuous and strong collaborations with the Police, MOD, Fire Service and Ambulance services. And we want to allow students to take advantage of these best practices. We are constantly trying to enhance the quality of our tactical vests and share our progress with the community and students who are pursuing a degree in the public services field. Helping students academically and professionally is a top priority of SafeGuard Clothing.

Students will benefit from the improved training method supplemented with equipment from an industry leader to enhance student experience in the classroom. This donation from SafeGuard supplements it with the best practical experience possible. First-hand experience with modern body armour better prepares students in the Public Service course for their line of work.

SafeGuard Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of body armour and is involved in research and development for new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for front line services. First-hand experience of using such police, military and security personnel level professional equipment will give students at Grŵp Llandrillo Menai College a unique opportunity to get used to the sort of protective clothing they will use later on.

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