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Glenydd Hughes

Glenydd Hughes works as a Catering tutor in Coleg Llandrillo. In this presentation, he introduces the various catering courses available and their content. He explains what to expect on the course, the importance of bilingualism in the industry and the job opportunities in the future. If you’re considering following a Catering course, it’s a video worth watching.

Wendy Pierce Thompson

Wendy Pierce Thompson works as a Hairdressing tutor in Coleg Llandrillo as well as being a salon owner. In her presentation, she introduces the various courses and their content as well as various questions on the sector and the importance of bilingualism in the sector. If you’re considering following a career in Hairdressing, this video is worth a watch.


Hannah is a hairdressing student at Coleg Llandrillo. In her video, she explains why she chose this course and the advantages of her ability to speak both English and Welsh with clients.


Here's a video by Holly who is studying Hairdressing, Level 2 in Coleg Llandrillo. Holly talks about her favorite part of the course, the help she gets from her friends, and how using her Welsh and bilingual skills in the industry is going to increase her and her clients' confidence to speak Welsh.

Mikey Denman

Here’s Mikey Denman, who studies a nursing course in Swansea, contributing to our Health and Social Care online conference, emphasising the worth of the Welsh Language in the sector. Mikey has experienced unique experiences because of his Welsh speaking skills.