Return to Learn: Introduction to Law

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    10 weeks per term.

    One day a week, (5 hours per week) with the option of completing three 10-week cycles during the academic year.

Course Description

During the course you will be looking at the Legal System in England and Wales, you will look at criminal and civil law as well as looking at the court system and the hierarchy of the courts as well as the personnel of the courts.

You will be looking at the Criminal Justice system in relation to young offenders, looking at the age of responsibility, sentencing available in relation to young people and the impact it can have on the local community, the victim as well as the individual.

Police Powers

You will also be looking at the law in relation to Equality and Discrimination.

You will also be encouraged to improve your literacy and digital literacy skills by taking part in group discussions, essay writing, creating and delivering presentations, and participating in debates on legal topics.

A course that will help you get back to learning, help you gain confidence, return to the classroom, find a routine for your learning, improve digital literacy skills, improve your literacy skills in speaking and listening as well as writing.

Course Fee - Free (Fully Funded)

Entry Criteria

There are no entry requirements for this course.


Lessons will be classroom-based and will use a wide range of teaching methods, which will be chosen according to the individual student needs within each group.


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