Childcare Apprenticeships

Key Details

  • Available at:
    Work-Based Learning
  • Course type:
  • Study Mode:
  • Level:
    2+ 3+ 4+ 5
  • Programme Area:
    Health, Social Care and Childcare
  • Course Length:

    Level 2 = 16 months

    Level 3 = 15 months

    Level 4/5 = 18 months

    This is a part-time qualification where a learner is expected to undertake their own direct studies.

  • Bilingual:


Course Description

This course is designed for anyone who is employed within a child care setting for example, school nurse, working in a nursery, after school club, crèche.

Learners will learn about the different childcare theorists, understand, and apply in practice, the principles and values which underpin children’s care, play, learning and development. Become aware of key policies within the sector and how these affect service development and delivery.

Entry Criteria

Learners must be in employment.

An interview must be had prior to starting on the qualification.


Observations, direct learning from the individual, professional discussions, and whiteness testimonies from the employer.

It is possible for an individual to complete this course through the medium of Welsh or English.


Written work, observations, discussions etc

The Level 2 and 3 courses is divided up into 2 parts the core (which is theory-based) and then a practical side – it is possible just to undertake the theory element of the qualification

Exam – to include written exams and also a multiple choice paper for Level 2 and 3 (and also there is a practical element which involves observations in the work setting)

At Level 4/5 it would be several case study exams. Level 4 is a theory based whereas Level 5 involved some practical observations being undertaken


It is possible to progress from a Level 2 to a 3 then on to a Level 4 then 5 (providing in a senior position within the organisation)

The Level 4 qualification is theory-based and ideal for those aspiring to be managers

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