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Are you aged over 19 and earning under £26,000? Or, has your employment been negatively impacted by Covid-19? Then this course could be available for free through the Personal Learning Account.

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Is this course right for me?

The whole world is undergoing change and the need for experts who can fit into an organisation and help them implement changes and improvements is more essential now than ever.  

Change makers communicate with people affected by change, this program prepares participants for more in-depth, transitional changes. Practitioners in the field can feel confident implementing people-centric changes, such as adjusting responsibilities attached to a particular role in the workplace.

Entry requirements:

There are no formal requirements, but you’ll need a keen interest in the subject.


Change Management Foundation Overview:

How the process of organizational change or transformation occurs.

The roles needed to assemble teams most likely to achieve successful organizational change.

How people react to organizational change and how to help them adapt.

Developing strategies to keep people motivated while an organization undergoes change. 

The different types of change process e.g. planned and emergent change.

How to keep stakeholders engaged while an organization undergoes change.

Change Management Practitioner Overview:

Applying appropriate process frameworks to optimally plan and understand organizational change.

A range of organization paradigms with which to understand, support and sustain organizational change processes.

How to properly prepare for an organizational change initiative - such as building an effective change team and offering insights which enhance the team's performance.

Preparing people for organizational change.


The course includes exams which are invigilated online and you need to have access to an internet enabled device with a microphone and a webcam.


Once you have completed this course, we recommend you to look at the Project Management Professional (PMP) Course