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Are you aged over 19 and earning under £26,000? Or, has your employment been negatively impacted by Covid-19? Then this course could be available for free through the Personal Learning Account.

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Is this course right for me?

The Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator course has been specially created for candidates who are interested in becoming proficient Windows Desktop Administrators. This course will fully prepare you for passing the Microsoft MCSA MD-100 certification exam, with the Windows 10 course and lab. By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills required to deploy Windows 10, manage data and devices; configure connectivity, and maintain Windows 10 within a Microsoft 365 setting.

Entry requirements:

There are no formal requirements, but you’ll need a keen interest in the subject.


Online learning


The course includes exams which are invigilated online and you need to have access to an internet enabled device with a microphone and a webcam.


Once you have completed this course, we recommend you to look at the CompTIA range of certifications.

Additional campus/course information:

  • Remote Learning

    Module 1: Introduction

    Module 2: Windows 10 Installation:

    • Understanding the Basics
    • Windows 10 Architecture
    • Preparing to Install Windows 10
    • Installing Windows 10
    • Understanding Automated Deployment Options
    • Deploying Unattended Installations
    • Windows Update

    Module 3: Configuring Users:

    • Understanding User Accounts
    • Working with User Accounts
    • Managing User Properties
    • Troubleshooting User Account Authentication
    • Managing and Creating Groups
    • Managing Security Using GPOs and LGPOs
    • Configuring User Account Control
    • Understanding Smart Cards
    • Configuring Remote Management
    • Using PowerShell

    Module 4: Managing Data:

    • Managing File and Folder Security
    • Managing Network Access
    • Understanding Hardware Security

    Module 5: Managing the Windows 10 Environment:

    • Managing Windows
    • Configuring Mobility Options
    • Managing Windows 10 Services
    • Configuring Internet Browsers

    Module 6: Configuring Security and Devices:

    • Understanding Filesystems
    • Configuring NTFS
    • Configuring Hardware
    • Managing I/O Devices
    • Configuring Windows Defender Firewall

    Module 7: Configuring Network Connectivity:

    • Understanding the Basics
    • Configuring NIC Devices
    • Understanding TCP/IP

    Module 8: Configuring Recovery:

    • Understanding Recovery
    • Knowing the Startup/Boot Options
    • Maintaining Windows 10 with Backup and Restore
    • Using System Protection
    • Monitoring Windows