Important Entry Requirement & Application Update

College is still accepting online applications for courses starting in September 2020.


Interviews are cancelled to help to limit social contact during this time.

Instead, you will be invited to a college welcome event to meet the tutors before the start of the course. If you do not meet the entry criteria you will have the opportunity to discuss an alternative programme during this event.

Is this course right for me?

The aim of this course is to focus on the achievements of each individual, with the intention of developing practical life skills and self-confidence. Group numbers are small and there will be additional support for learners, if required. College facilities will be used, as well as places of interest. The learning takes place in a supportive, friendly environment and we work closely with parents and carers, as well as professional organisations, to support the learner. 

Everyday tasks are used to teach literacy and numeracy skills. There is also an emphasis on developing independence, personal and social skills. Enterprise activities are integrated into elements of the course. 

Learners are timetabled around the four pillars of Independent Living Skills: 

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Accessing the Community
  • Employability Skills

Entry requirements:

No formal entry requirements. Working at Milestone 4 – Entry 2.

Offer of a place on the course is subject to successful attendance on a personalised transition event.

Progressing learners: Completion of programme of learning and working at Entry 2. In non-accredited learning programmes you will complete a literacy and numeracy assessment for RARPA.  In addition to this an observational assessment will take place during a transition event which will help to agree appropriate targets.

Literacy/Numeracy: West E1/E2 Literacy and Numeracy


The programme is delivered through a mix of practical and classroom-based activities that promote learners’ independence, choice and decision making, confidence and social skills. Learners will be taught in small groups.


Learners may follow a non-accredited programme, or if appropriate may complete an appropriate qualification. After setting and agreeing individual targets, learners may be assessed through a variety of methods which meet their individual learner needs.


Supported 1:1 voluntary employment in the local area, work opportunities within the community, further learning opportunities and other training opportunities if appropriate.

Additional campus/course information:

  • Dolgellau


    Offers opportunities to develop: 

    • personal and social skills
    • leisure skills including swimming and going on a residential trip.
    • work skills through work experience
    • enterprise skills
  • Glynllifon

    Offers opportunities to develop: 

    • Independent living skills
    • Work Skills e.g running a small business
    • Leisure skills
    • Community involvement skills
    • Residential visit
  • Llangefni

    Offers opportunities to develop: 

    • Independent living skills
    • Work Skills e.g. running a small business
    • Leisure skills
    • Community involvement skills
    • Work Experience
    • Residential visit

    The programme prepares learners for Voluntary/ Sheltered Employment. Also provides work experience and industrial visits, with an emphasis on Health and Safety in the Workplace.

  • Rhos-on-Sea

    Offers opportunities to develop: 

    • work experience
    • all courses offered are non-accredited programmes.
    • Life and WorkSkills 1 and 2 include elements of Practical Gardening, Practical Sport, Practical Cookery and Practical Life Skills in our purpose built flat.
    • Life and Work Skills 3 is the supported employment route and is 1 day in college and 2 days work experience in one of the following: retail, sport or catering and hospitality.

    The Step Up to Work course is a supported employment programme that follows on from the Life and Work Skills pathway. This course enables learners to develop skills for the workplace that eventually leads to a variety of employment opportunities. Step Up to Work courses are one day in college and two days work experience.