Is this course right for me?

These courses are for adults who have additional learning needs, in order to enable them to develop the skills and confidence to live life to the full.

Subjects available include:

  • Developing Independence and Personal Progress
  • Cooking/Using your computer/Art/Business Enterprise
  • Creative Visual Arts
  • Photography/Painting/Print Making
  • Digital Literacy
  • Online forms/Internet safety/Online shopping/Paying bills

Emphasis will be on developing learner’s confidence and independent living skills.

We will charge a small fee for each course (please contact us for further details).

Entry requirements:

No formal entry requirements.


Practical activities. 

The course will be delivered to small groups in a friendly and supportive environment.


Evidence of work produced will be used for assessment purpose.

We will work towards external qualifications.


Continue on the same course to further develop skills.


Enrol on a course in a different field.