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Students will be given another opportunity to improve their understanding of what their computer/device can do. They will also be given the opportunity to extend their internet researching skills by using basic and advanced searches, signing into Chrome, bookmarking/favourites etc. Students will also understand how to evaluate the authenticity of online information. They will also be given the opportunity to learn more about online tools eg Canva, Popplet, Gdrive, PPT etc.

Entry requirements:

Digital Literacy – Beginners


  • Lessons will be classroom-based and will use a wide range of teaching methods, which will be chosen according to the individual student needs within each group.


  • Assessment of course work, i.e. portfolio
  • Completed Personal Development Programme


The digital literacy provision continues over a span of several years; as such, students should now be progressing onto year three. This course will also help students who wish to progress onto any other college courses, such as our Get Skilled Up and Introduction to Work courses as well as any NVQ or Access courses they may be interested in.