Is this course right for me?

You will learn about the different jobs available in a particular field (classroom assistants, retail jobs, hospitality, health and social care) and you will be given the opportunity to improve your general English and Welsh skills including: grammar vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening.  You will also study numeracy and Digital Literacy skills as well as learning more about employability skills and the type of skills that would make you attractive to an employer. You will complete a short work placement with a local employer.

Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this course.


Lessons will be classroom-based using a wide range of teaching methods.


  • Assessment of coursework
  • Portfolio based assessment, you will also be required to submit a Personal Development Plan (PDP)


Mynd ymlaen i hyfforddiant pellach gyda’r cyflogwr lleoliad gwaith, ee NVQ.