Is this course right for me?

The course is aimed at maintenance personnel who require fault diagnosis application of industry transducers and signal processors and an appreciation of the underlying technology.

No prior knowledge is assumed, but a background in basic electronics principals would be advantageous. The course is suitable for all levels, from apprentices through to graduates in a technical or non-technical role.

The course is delivered in four modules:

  • Industrial transducer and their applications
  • Operation and application of signal processing systems
  • Signal transmission and recording systems
  • Select/use a range of equipment to test and calibrate instruments on process plant

Course Cost: £450

Entry requirements:

No prior knowledge is assumed. However, a background in basic electronics principals would be advantageous.


A combination of classroom theory with workshop application exercises and tasks,.

To identify your delivery requirement, you can complete a pre-course questionnaire allowing you to decide on the best combination of course delivery for you.

All delivery methods are supported with course study guides and self-assessment packs.


The course is assessed by 3 written assignments:

  • Industrial Transducer Applications
  • Signal Processing, Transmission and Recording Systems
  • Testing and Calibrating Process Plant Instrumentation


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)