Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for digital camera owners with some previous experience of photography, and who also have some knowledge of working with computers.

Unit 1:  Use a camera to capture creative images

This unit further develops candidates’ use of a digital camera and accessories, and understanding of the controls and settings in order to produce well-framed, correctly exposed and sharp images.

During this unit, learners will develop photographic skills by producing a range of exploratory images on a chosen subject. They will retrieve and process these images and review their aesthetic and technical value. They will learn the basics of safe working practices and the legal and ethical factors involved in photography.

Unit 2:  Digital image manipulation

The learners will be able to identify the hardware and software required for image manipulation and understand the techniques required. They will prepare and process manipulated images with consideration of image quality and be able to evaluate their final images.

Entry requirements:

Preferably you will have completed the Introduction to Digital Photography course, or have the equivalent photographic experience.

All places are subject to satisfactory interview.


Lessons will be taught using a range of teaching and learning methods including:

  • tutorials
  • demonstrations
  • group work
  • individual work
  • practical workshops
  • research

Lessons will be based within a fully equipped computer bay.



Assessment will be based on a portfolio, constructed through project work, written work, practical work and other methods and will be evaluated  by your tutor.


Digital Photography Level 2