Is this course right for me?

Staff currently working in either the libraries, archives or records management sectors who desire a qualification to prove work-based competency.

The Level 2 certificate is designed as a starting point for staff who are relatively new to the Libraries, Archives and Information Service sector and/or to study at Level 2.

Entry requirements:

You must be currently employed in the Libraries, Archives or Records Management sector.


The course is delivered in the workplace. Online support is also available via Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment).

You will need to complete eight mandatory units:

  • Creating and maintaining a user-focussed environment
  • Helping users to obtain access to information and/or material
  • Issuing information and/or material
  • Locating and replacing information and/or material
  • Protecting, securing and copying information and/or material
  • Supporting users to make use of digital resources
  • Understanding a Library, Archives or Information Services organisation
  • Understanding the Libraries, Archives and Information Services environment


Work/competency-based assessment. Units are assessed by a portfolio of evidence, gathered from the learner’s work.


  • Libraries Archives and Information Services Diploma Level 3.

Learners who have completed the certificate (Level 2) will be able to carry forward 21 credits to the diploma (Level 3).