Is this course right for me?

This course will cover all aspects of Abrasive Wheels and how to use a petrol driven cut off saw safely. It will include everything from selecting and fitting PPE, operating the machinery and refueling, through to inspection and the safe transportation of the cut off saw.

Successful completion of the course will certify operatives for Abrasive Wheels and Use of the petrol driven cut-off saw.

 Course topics include:

  • Relevant regulations
  • Different types of Abrasive Wheels, discs and their functions
  • Approved methods of inspecting and storing equipment
  • Understand the dangers that dust, noise and vibration  poses to their health    
  • Understand reactive forces and the causes of kick back

Demonstrate the correct technique for cutting stone/brick/concrete and metal on the ground.

Course dates:


Entry requirements:

  • None


  • The training is a blend of theoretical and practical hands-on study.


  • An initial assessment will be followed by an examination paper at the end of the course.
  • Practical outcomes via completion of two compulsory cuts and core exercise.


  • Successful completion of the course will enable operatives to use a petrol driven cut off saw safely.