Is this course right for me?

The course is suitable for students who wish to improve their knowledge of Biology, or improve their GCSE Science grade in order to do a HE/degree course, especially in Teaching.

Entry requirements:

This is a resit course for students who have already sat a GCSE in Science. Students will be required to practise and revise between lessons.

This is an opportunity to improve your GCSE Science grade. The course involves studying biological subjects that may have interested you at Science GCSE, without having to study Chemistry and Physics:

B1: Adaptation and Competition, Variation, Evolution, Inheritance, Gene Technology, Homeostasis Nervous System and Health

B2: Cells, Respiration, Animal Nutrition, Plant Nutrition, Energy Transformation, Environment

B3: Transpiration, Circulation, Excretion, Microbiology

All places are subject to satisfactory interview.


The course is delivered by a variety of teaching methods and self-study. 


Exams are taken in January and June. There is also coursework.


Level 3 or university level courses, depending on your other qualifications