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Are you aged over 19 and earning under £26,000? Or, has your employment been negatively impacted by Covid-19? Then this course could be available for free through the Personal Learning Account.

How to apply: To apply through the Personal Learning Account, visit this information page.

Is this course right for me?

You will be in a junior marketing role in an organisation, or are a marketer within an SME

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Assess different applications of digital marketing
  • Know how to integrate digital and offline marketing
  • Understand approaches to enhancing stakeholder engagement
  • Know how to develop a digital marketing plan
  • Apply and adapt digital marketing analysis.

What you will learn:

 We offer the following modules:

  Applied Marketing - You will explore the marketing environment, customer behaviour in the digital age, market research and the marketing planning process. This will include the marketing mix and a tactical planning framework to aid marketing effectiveness.

 Planning Campaigns - This module gives you the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation. You will learn the campaign planning process including how to analyse an organisation’s current position. You will also learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign then measure and evaluate its success to aid continuous improvement in the fast-changing world of marketing. 

 Digital Marketing Techniques - This module focuses on the importance of the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape. You will develop skills to improve digital marketing performance and explore the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment. You will also use a range of tools to plan how to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness in the digital age. 

Course fees under the SEE Project are:

Small/Micro business - £375.00 Medium - £500.00 Large - £625.00

Entry requirements:

You’ll need to have a minimum of one year’s experience in the industry or a relevant level 3 qualification to study the Certificate in Professional Marketing or Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing.


This course is delivered as follows:

  • Group work
  • Classroom based learning
  • Tutorial support
  • MOODLE (virtual learning environment)


The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a theme and an organisation of your choice.


  • Professional Diploma in Marketing, given the requisite operational marketing experience. 
  • Higher Education at university
  • Start a freelance career within Marketing or run your own business.