From Monday 30th March a learning from home package is planned to be available for students.

This guidance will;

  • Help prepare you so that you know what to expect, how your day may be scheduled and how we will support you during the rest of the academic year.
  • Be supplemented by a programme of learning which your tutors will share with you.

What does Learning from Home Mean?

  • Many of you will be familiar with online learning because tutors and assessors are using platforms such as Moodle, Google Hangouts/Classroom, OneFile and other technology to support learning away from the classroom. For some courses where online learning is not practical, tutors may instead ask you to complete tasks using workbooks at home.
  • Learning from home will involve tutors and assessors setting work/learning activities for you, and providing support using a range of options which may include; Google Hangout, telephone, email, chat room etc. Once you have completed work tutors and assessors will mark it and provide feedback to you.
  • Learning from home is important, as it will help prepare you for your future e.g. preparing for university, progressing into employment or further learning.

What will my daily schedule look like?

It is likely that your learning from home package will be different to your current timetable. We have though asked tutors and assessors to plan to undertake the following with you;

  • Set work for you to do in the subjects which you were being taught in college (excluding practical sessions where these cannot be taught remotely).
  • Deliver some teaching and training using online video technologies like Google Hangout etc.
  • Provide feedback on activities submitted either as a group or individually.

Your tutors will explain to you which parts of your current timetable will;

  • Be taught face to face using online technology.
  • Involve you working on activities and assignments by yourself.
  • It may be helpful to plan a timetable to help structure your day and week.

Tips when Learning from Home

It is important we all understand what appropriate conduct means when learning from home, and particularly the following;

  • Prepare for the day as you would when going to College – wake up at the same time, get dressed – follow your same morning routine.
  • Dress appropriately when participating in face to face online video lessons.
  • Use appropriate language in face to face and online communication.
  • Try to avoid being distracted when learning e.g. by other family members being in view of the camera etc.
  • Keep up to date with Google Classroom, Moodle and check your College Emails on a daily basis so that you don’t miss any important information.
  • Work with your tutors to agree and create a timetable and to do list.

What support is available

We recognise that learning from home is change which may be concerning, and we would encourage you to use the following support;

  • Personal tutor, subject tutors and assessors will be able to provide you with support, either through email, online technology, telephone etc.
  • Welfare and Wellbeing information including guidance on how to keep fit, healthy and well will be shared with all learners via email, the website and social media.
  • In addition to this our support and welfare services are now available online via
  • If you would like study support e.g. help with proofreading work please contact
  • If you receive learning support you will be contacted by your support staff and please contact for further information.
  • If you need support with student finance including EMA/ALG please email either,,
  • Additional guidance and support will be shared with you in the Frequently Asked Questions on the college website.