General Questions

  • Can I come on to the College site?

    The Government on the 18th March 2020, instructed all educational establishments to close as a measure to reduce and limit the spread of Covid-19.

    The College is working hard to ensure that Tutor and Student Services support is available to you online. Regularly check your college email and website for further information.

  • When will the College be open again?

    We will reopen as soon as it is advised to do so. We will send all learners and applicants regular updates via email and on the website.

  • Can I access the libraries and study centres?

    In line with government guidance, college sites are not accessible to students. However, College continues to provide online support for our students. Please contact the library who will advise you of ebooks and electronic resources etc. All library loans are automatically being renewed to 15 June 2020.

    We have staff who can support you with study skills remotely. Please email for guidance.

  • How do I learn from home?

    Tutors/assessors will advise you of what is available on google classroom or Moodle or One File.

    Please refer to the Student Guidance for Learning from Home.

  • I feel anxious. Can the College help me?

    The College wants to reassure students that our Student Services, Welfare and TRAC team will remain available to provide support. We have set up email addresses for you to contact should you need to. Staff will contact you directly to provide guidance and support.  
  • My part time course was due to start from April 2020 onwards. Will it go ahead?

    We are in the process of contacting people who have paid for part time courses that had started or were about to begin after Easter to offer a refund.

    If you made an online payment an automatic refund will be paid into your bank account, alternatively a cheque will be issued.

    For refund queries please email

Further Education Learners

  • I receive EMA / WGLG. Will I still receive it whilst I am learning from home?

    We have now been informed by the Minister for Education that colleges can continue to make Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), WGLG and LSF payments. However, learners that do not engage with remote and distance learning may lose these payments, therefore please respond in a timely manner to requests from your tutors.

  • Will I be able to complete my course?

    Your tutors are setting up processes to deliver your course remotely so that you can learn from home. You will be able to complete assessments and submit work online.

    Tutors will mark your work and send you electronic feedback.

  • I am due to be assessed for my course. What happens now?

    We are awaiting guidance from Qualifications Wales, and Awarding Bodies, and should be able to provide further details about this during April.

    We envisage learners being given a grade based on qualifications already achieved e.g. GCSE, and a standardised tutor assessment of the most likely outcome this year based on marked work submitted this year.

    We will provide further information about this when awarding bodies confirm deadlines and the process.

  • What will happen now that exams have been cancelled?

    Until it is confirmed how students will be assessed, it is vital that students continue to work on projects, wherever possible. There are a number of options open to the examining bodies on how they could approach this so we would urge students to continue to work as much as possible using our online and virtual resources.

  • I’m studying AS Levels - what do I do?

    Continue with your studies. You won’t be taking AS exams in the summer but these may be required when you return for A2 so it’s vital that you keep completing the work set by your tutors.

    You will also need this essential knowledge to help you with your A2 studies.

  • What happens with my UCAS application now that I don’t have an exam?

    Universities and Higher Education institutions are working hard to find a solution that is fair and in the best interest of students.

    The Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan has said:

    "We want to assure students that grades will be equally as valid as those in previous years, and their hard work will be rewarded and fairly recognised."

    Keep checking UCAS Track for further information and the status of your application.

  • I’m hoping to go to University in September, what do I need to do?

    Keep checking UCAS to check the status of your application and offers. You should also use this time to complete your student finance applications and book your accommodation at your university of choice. Make sure that you check the deadline dates.

    Things are likely to have changed regarding course offers and selecting firm and insurance offers so please check UCAS for the latest guidance. Further information is available at

  • My tutor is not answering my emails, who else can I contact?

    Your tutor may be unable to answer their emails if they are unwell. Please contact another tutor on the course by checking the course Moodle/ Google Classroom. If you are still unable to contact anyone, please email

Prospective Learners

Higher Education Learners

  • Will I receive my Student Finance Grant in April 2020?

    Yes. The Government has made assurances that eligible students in receipt of student finance will continue to receive their student maintenance grants and tuition fee loans.

    Further information is available at:

  • Will I still get support from my tutors?

    Your tutors will stay in touch with you and deliver support online. Face to face delivery will not take place but your tutors will offer remote teaching for any outstanding delivery. You should find all teaching resources on Moodle or Google Classroom.

  • Will I be able to complete my remaining modules?

    Yes. Your tutors will support you remotely to complete your degree.

    Your tutor(s) have also amended assignments that require group work or practical assessment to ensure you can still meet your learning outcomes through remote study.

    Your tutor will inform you of any changes to assessments and all relevant information will be on your course Moodle page.

    Assignments must be uploaded via Turnitin as normal.

    Please email your tutors if you have concerns about assessments and uploading work.

  • How will I know my grades?

    Your tutors will mark your assignments and provide feedback electronically.

  • Can I still apply for Extenuating Circumstances?

    Yes, you can apply for EC for disruption to your studies for reasons outside of your control e.g. you are ill or have been affected by a situation that has had a detrimental impact on your performance. (available from your Moodle page).

    We will hold regular EC panels and will advise you of the outcome via your college email.

  • Will I need medical evidence for Extenuating Circumstances?

    Claims for EC's based on COVID-19 may not need to be supported by evidence if you are a front line worker, are looking after children at home, have caring responsibilities or have become ill through Coronavirus.

    We also appreciate that seeking new medical evidence for pre-existing conditions may put additional burden on the NHS at this time. In this instance, evidence may be presented that is not current which supports your claim.

  • How will I know if I have passed the year/completed my course?

    College will continue to hold exam boards where your profile will be reviewed.

    If you are completing your studies this year, we will inform you of your grade electronically.

    There will be no results boards in the college receptions this year If you need to complete resits over the summer, the boards will issue these and advise you accordingly.

  • I still have primary research to complete for my dissertation, can I continue?

    You may need to rethink how you were planning to gather the evidence and try an alternative (e.g. google form, online interview etc) Please speak to your tutor who will be able to advise.

  • My tutor is not answering my emails, who else can I contact?

    Your tutor may be unable to answer their emails if they are unwell. Please contact another tutor on the course (details should all be on Moodle). If you are still unable to contact anyone, please email

  • Will the Graduation ceremony take place?

    Unfortunately, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone graduation. We will continue to support you to receive your formal qualification. We recognise this will be disappointing, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai will make arrangements and offer an alternative celebration of your achievement at a later date.

Apprentices and Work-based Learners