Last update: 02/10/2020  

Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test result

Safety at college

Safety outside college

  • What should I do to keep safe from Coronavirus outside College?

    We advise all learners to follow the current Welsh Government guidance which states we should do the following to Keep Wales safe:

    • always observe social distancing
    • wash your hands regularly
    • if you meet another household, outside your extended household, stay outdoors
    • work from home if you can
    • Stay at home if you or anyone in your extended household has symptoms.

    If you have symptoms, get a test.

    A full list of the guidelines are listed here:

    In addition to this those living in areas under restrictions due to local lockdowns should follow the guidelines here:

  • Should I meet my friends socially on evenings or weekends?

    We should all adhere to government restrictions when meeting friends socially. Any action which results in coronavirus spreading is a risk to us all, is likely to result in disruption to learners' education and training, and must be avoided. Any action which breaches government coronavirus restrictions and results in disruption to learners education and training will be subject to staff and learner disciplinary processes.


Learning from home and support

Keeping Healthy