Information for all Learners and Parents

Information for all Learners and Parents

Last update: 14/1/22


Information about A Level and GCSE Exams in Summer 2022

Dear Learners / Parents / Guardians

We have received further information from Qualifications Wales about the plans which are in place to assess A Level and GCSE qualifications this year. The purpose of this letter is to help learners and parents understand how assessment of these qualifications will take place.

Exams and NEA

The plan across the UK is for examinations and non-examination assessment (NEA) to continue as normal during 2021/22.

However, to reflect the disruption to teaching and learning and to ensure fairness Qualifications Wales and WJEC have;

  • Adapted the content being assessed, and lecturers will be able to explain to learners what this means for each subject.

  • Amended the grade boundaries used to award grades this summer. This will mean that the grades awarded in 2022 will be midway between the results in 2021 and 2019, the last year examinations were sat.

Contingency Approach

Qualifications Wales have been clear that they expect examinations to take place, and will only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances. In the event that exams are cancelled we are required to have a contingency plan in place which will enable Centre Determined Grades (CDG) to be awarded using assessments undertaken in College.

Our contingency plan will involve the following;

  • Basing the CDG on any NEA which takes place during the academic year and any planned assessments for current performance grade 4 and 5 (CPG 4 and 5).

  • Sharing the outcome of these assessments with learners through current performance grade 4 and 5 (CPG 4 and 5) in eDRAC.

  • Explaining to learners well in advance which assessments will be used for CPG 4 and 5.

  • Ensuring that the assessments will be fair by putting in place robust quality assurance processes and supporting lecturers to implement consistent assessments across GLLM.

We are very pleased with the way in which learners have started the College year, and are

confident that the measures outlined above will support them to achieve success this year. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Area Manager.

Thank you

Dafydd Evans
CEO Grŵp Llandrillo Menai

Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test result

What do I do if I have Coronavirus symptoms or if I receive a positive test?


You must not come to college. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, should self-isolate and book a PCR test as soon as possible. This applies even if you have mild symptoms or if you have tested positive before.

The main symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • a high temperature

  • a continuous cough

  • loss or change of taste or smell

You should stay at home and follow the instructions on the Welsh Government website:

Positive Test
If you receive a positive PCR Test result, you must let your tutor know immediately and isolate at home. You should have been contacted by the TTP (Test, Trace & Protect) team, and they will have clarified what guidelines you need to follow, and until when you’ll need to self-isolate.

Please see the Welsh Government link for the latest guidance:

What do I do if someone I had close contact with has tested positive for Coronavirus?
If the person who has tested positive is a learner at the college, then we will be aware of this and will contact you directly.

If the person who has tested positive is not from college, please follow the latest guidance which is summarised on this link: requirement to isolate (or not) will likely depend on your vaccinations status and/or age. Please keep your personal tutor updated.

NHS Test, Trace and Protect have told me to self-isolate but I don't have any symptoms, can I come to college?
No, you should not come into college and you'll need to self-isolate for the full period that NHS test, trace and protect have advised. If you don't have any symptoms and are able to continue with your studies, you should do so virtually for the duration of your self-isolation period and your tutor will be in touch with you about this.

Safety at college

How are we keeping learners and staff safe on site?
Creating a safe learning environment for everyone is a priority at all of our college sites.

As well as washing hands, wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance the following measures are in place to keep our learners and staff safe at college:

  • Learners are advised to maintain 2m social distancing apart from when they are in classrooms
  • Sanitisation stations
  • Arrows showing the direction to walk
  • One way systems
  • Markings on the floor reminding you to keep a 2m social distance
  • Screens in general reception areas
  • Decluttered areas with less furniture
  • Regular cleaning

In addition to the above we will provide lateral flow test kits to learners. They should be used every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning to minimise the risk of asymptomatic infection. Further information about home testing is available here.

For further information, please watch this video before you attend campus.

Our Risk Assessment and Plan explains the comprehensive measures we have implemented to keep staff and learners safe from Coronavirus.

Do I need to wear a face covering?
Face coverings will be required in all indoor areas including classrooms and workshops where 2 metre social distancing cannot be maintained.

Please watch this video about how to wear a face covering correctly.

Learners who have a valid reason not to wear a face covering should contact Learning Support on to obtain an exemption card.

I cannot wear a face covering because of a medical condition, what do I do?
In line with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai's Covid Risk Assessment and in certain circumstances, there are exemptions that apply to learners who are unable to wear a face covering and where reasonable evidence can be provided. Learners must contact Learning Support on to discuss any concerns relating to the wearing of face coverings.

Eligible learners will be issued with an exemption card that you will be required, without exception, to wear in addition to your college ID and lanyard.

You can download a form to request an exemption here.

Will the college provide Covid-19 testing kits?
Yes, we will offer students and staff Covid-19 Lateral Flow Device tests.

Instructions on how to administer the test and what to do with your results are included in the pack. Any individual who chooses to be part of the lateral flow testing programme will be required to undertake the test at home prior to attending a college campus. Lateral flow tests are available from your personal tutor/department and further information about home testing is available here.

What do I do with my clothing, equipment and PPE needed for my course at the end of the day?
Any clothing, equipment and PPE that you use as part of your course must be taken home with you. Lockers will not be available on site.

Can I buy food or drinks at the campus?
A ‘grab and go’ food service will be provided on all campuses.

What can I do to help stop the spread of the virus?
Being respectful and considerate of others are college values and everyone has their part to play in reducing the spread of the virus.

Make sure to wear your face covering indoors; wash your hands regularly; use the sanitiser stations around the college and follow the social-distancing guidelines.

Click here to see what is expected of you to maintain safety on our college sites.

Safety outside college

What should I do to keep safe from Coronavirus outside College?
We advise all learners to follow the current Welsh Government guidance which states we should do the following to Keep Wales safe:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Work from home if you can
  • Stay at home if you or anyone in your extended household has symptoms.
  • If you have symptoms, get a test.

A full list of the guidelines are listed here:


College transport is running to the usual pick-up and drop-off timetable. Learners will need to wear a face covering, and follow college guidance on transport which is available here.

As a learner at the college, we expect you to be respectful and safe at all times.

Do I need to wear a face covering when travelling on college or public transport?
Yes. Everyone travelling on college and public transport must adhere to the guidance from Welsh Government and wear a face covering.

You can find the latest guidance on the Welsh Government website.

Learning from home and support

How do I access support at the college?
Learner Services will provide welfare, counselling, advice and guidance, and financial support on site. You can also book a session by contacting

Will I receive my EMA/WGLG if I am self-isolating or ill?
Yes. If you are unable to come into college because you are self-isolating or are unwell, then your register will be marked as ‘excused'.

Is there any guidance to follow about being taught remotely from home?
Online/remote learning, has been a significant feature of delivery during the past 18 months. Although online teaching will remain for some elements of courses, we will return to face-to-face teaching for the majority of our delivery this term.

We have put together a Learner Guide for Online Learning to help you to undertake studies from home. It includes top tips on how to prepare for your online lessons. It is important to be courteous and respectful of others online.

Am I able to access the libraries and learning centres?
All learners will be able to access all resources and services on a drop in basis. Learners must wear face coverings at all times and maintain social distancing.

Is there any support available to help me access my online learning?
Yes. If you require any support with accessing your online learning from home, you can contact or 01492 542342.

I don't have a computer at home, can the college provide me with one?
Yes. Any learner who does not have access to a PC at home, can apply to the Learning Support Fund to request a chrome book. The grant is means tested and you will be asked to provide evidence of your household income. Please contact or 01492 542342 for further information.

Keeping Healthy

I am worried and anxious about the situation, what can I do?
If you're finding things hard at the moment, remember that you're not alone. This is a challenging time for everyone.

Talking to your family and friends about the situation can help. We can also provide help and assistance, please email to arrange to speak to a member of the Welfare Team. On-site support is available from the Learner Services team.

You can also access a range of mental health resources online, including the mental health charity Mind.

How can I help to stay healthy?
Maintaining positive mental wellbeing can be challenging. Your Wellbeing Hub is a one stop shop to provide you with information and resources to help support your wellbeing throughout your time studying at college. Explore videos and links to external agencies to help you maintain balance and exercise self-care.

Smoking on Campus
All college campuses and properties are smoke-free. This means that smoking and vaping by staff and students will not be permitted on college grounds including cars in the car parks.

I have not had my vaccination yet, what should I do?
The Grŵp fully supports the vaccination programme and encourages all who are eligible to become fully vaccinated. The more people who attend campus who are vaccinated the less disruption we will have to learning.