Courses Learning Remotely at Home

We have moved the following groups to learning remotely from home because a learner in the contact group or a member of staff who has had close contact with the group has tested positive for Coronavirus.

When a learner or member of staff has tested positive for COVID-19, this is what we will do:

  • Identify all learners who are in the contact group.
  • Identify all staff who have taught or provided support to the contact group.
  • Identify all other staff or learners who have been in close contact with the individual who has tested positive.
  • Seek advice from NHS test, trace and protect about the appropriate course of action we should take following the positive test.
  • Decide on the most appropriate action to ensure the Health and Safety of all learners and staff and minimise the risk of any further infection.
  • If required ask learners and/or staff to continue their course remotely from home whilst they self-isolate.
  • Share with learners, parents and the public details of any courses/contact groups who have moved to remote learning at home.
  • We will not share the names of learners or staff who have tested positive for Coronavirus because we need to respect the privacy of the individuals concerned.
  • We will clean all areas used by an individual who tests positive for Coronavirus.

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  • Online/remote learning until: -

If you require further information please contact your personal tutor, programme area manager, or email Learner Services: