Apprenticeships offer a cost-effective method of recruiting and training skilled employees for the future. Training your employees with the skills and qualifications they need can help to give your business that competitive advantage.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship includes both on-the-job training and off-the-job learning which leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

Why take on an apprentice?

Apprenticeships deliver real returns to your organisation including*:

  • Higher productivity.
  • Better motivated staff and increased job satisfaction.
  • More loyal employees and improved future skill levels.

*Apprenticeships Evaluation: Employers (BIS Survey 2014)

What apprenticeships do we offer?

We offer a wide range of apprenticeship pathways from accountancy to agriculture. A full list of our apprenticeships can be found here

Who can be an apprentice?

Apprenticeships can be used to train new recruits or develop existing employees of any age.

How much does an apprenticeship cost?

As a business you do not have to pay for the cost of the training; just the cost of employing the apprentice.

How do I find out more?

If you’re ready to take up this opportunity, email and one of our Advisors will be in touch to help you through the process. Whether that’s advertising for a new apprentice or getting your current employees onto a scheme.

Did you know?

77% of businesses who have trained apprentices believe it made their company more competitive – Welsh Governement.

Being a local company, we were familiar with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and their good reputation for assisting students and employers. We contacted one of the Business Development Advisors who clearly explained how an apprenticeship worked and how it would be undertaken. They then assisted us to complete the paperwork and put a plan together for the new apprentice.

Taking on an apprentice has allowed our business to grow as we have increased productivity, improved our gallery and retail offerings, which we wouldn’t have had the resources to do so without the apprentice.

Scott Butterworth, Owner, Benards Gallery

We use Grŵp Llandrillo Menai as our current apprenticeship provider. Apprenticeships allow our employees to complete their studies around their daily work.

We have a great working relationship with the Grŵp and their staff have a brilliant understanding of the care sector. They work around our schedules and the quality of the training is second-to-none.

Apprenticeships have really benefitted our organisation by increasing the number of trained employees we have.

Helen Bateman, Allied Healthcare